Black raspberries 'aid cancer treatment'

Posted in Cancer, Dietary Supplementation, Nutrition on Thu August 28, 2008

Consuming black raspberries can alter hundreds of genes and so slow the growth and spread of cancer, it has been claimed.

In news that may be of interest to anti-aging physicians, researchers from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center found that the fruit contained a mix of preventative agents.

The scientists conducted their research, published in Cancer Research, by looking at the effect of freeze-dried black raspberries on genes that were altered by a chemical carcinogen in an animal model of esophageal cancer.

It was found that the activity of some 2,200 genes in the animals' esophagus was altered in one week and 460 of these were restored in the creatures that ate the dried fruit.

Principle investigator Gary Stoner said: "We have clearly shown that berries, which contain a variety of anticancer compounds, have a genome-wide effect on the expression of genes involved in cancer development."

In related news, Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center has revealed that the natural compound curcumin, which is found in turmeric, may reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells.

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