What I Stocked Up on Today


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Raw Family “Victoria, do you stock any food for your family for the upcoming winter?” -- question from our reader



What I Stocked Up on Today




Victoria: I am fortunate to live in Ashland, Oregon, where we have the Ashland Co-op. Many people consider this store to be one of the best in the United States, and maybe the whole world. The fact that we the people own this store, choose the products and vote for policies makes our Co-op’s fresh produce comparable to a Farmer’s Market year-round. We the customers appoint management that we trust to purchase from environmentally responsible companies.

Last week my family created a list of groceries for this winter, considering possible economic challenges. I intend to continue to buy fresh produce. Our main criterion was, on as little money as possible, to make sure that during the next several months we would have plenty of greens on hand at any time, as well as nutrient-dense, protein- and essential fatty acid- rich seeds, along with mineral-rich seaweed. If prices happen to go up, our full pantry will enable us to purchase less during the winter.


Here is our list:

Chia Seeds – 3 lbs

Broccoli Sprouting Seeds – 1 lb

Radish Sprouting Seeds – 2 lbs

Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds – 2 lbs

Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds – 2 lbs

Lentils – 5 lbs (although not labeled for sprouting, we sprout them)

Unhulled Sesame Seeds – 3 lbs

Hemp Seed – 3 lbs

Sunflower Seeds – 10 lbs

Flax Seed – 10 lbs

Almonds – raw, directly from the farmers – 10 lbs

Dulse (Seaweed Flakes) – 5 lbs (I shared this order with another family, as it comes in 10 lb bags.)

Dates – 3 cases. My friend, a Tibetan Monk, told me that monks can live for many days on six dates per person per day when they meditate all day long. When they hike all day, then they live on 5 dates per day! You figure out on your own how many dates your family needs.

I brought my list to my Co-op and asked for their top wholesale distributors. The food buyers at the Co-op graciously shared their wholesale distributors’ contact information with me. Here they are:

Frontier Natural Foods. 1-800-669-3275. They have just about everything available and are located in the Midwest.

Star West. 1-800-800-4372.

UNFI – United Natural Foods, Inc. 1-800-679-6733. Their outlets are located all across the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Maine Sea Coast. 1-207-565-2907. You may order any variety of seaweed from them. They are located on the East Coast.

I always buy dates from the Date People, who live in California. You may contact them at 760-359-3211.

You may call any of these distributors to order the best quality foods at wholesale prices.

Based on our hiking experience, I calculated that my family of four could live on this food alone for several months, and have plenty of greens due to daily sprouting.

I invite you to use my grocery list as an idea for your family. Keep in mind that if you combine your order with other families, it will bring the cost down even further.

For simple sprouting instructions please see my June newsletter.