Eatin' Out

Eating out on the raw food diet is challenging some times.  It depends on how often you have to eat out and whether you want to remain completely organic as to how easy it is.  Most of your choices are limited to salads or fruits unless you are lucky enough to have a raw food restaurant near you.  So if you eat out often it can become rather boring having a green salad all the time.  But it is not impossible to eat out so take courage, review the menu and see what you can put together in your imagination.  Ask your waiter if the chef would be willing to put together some things from several dishes to make a new one for you.  For instance if they have guacamole you can use that for a dressing.  If one salad offers bell peppers and another cucumbers and onions, ask to have them all on one salad.  Some of the cooked things start fresh while some start frozen so you have to ask questions.  Below are some ideas for places you can eat.  I would love to hear from you on how you have managed this task and I'll add your suggestions to this page.  Just go to the contact page and send me an e-mail. 

If you are going to be traveling one of the best sources for finding raw food information is to go to and put in the subject of raw food and the city to which you will be traveling.  You will be given any potluck groups in the area so you can e-mail the leader and ask them if they have a restaurant in their area. 

Good Eating


Raw and Organic
Better Health Store, Clippert St across from Frandor
This store has smoothies, juices and salads and sandwiches.  All the produce they use is organic.  They have a small dining area but it is a store so it's not a romantic atmosphere or anything. 

Organic with some raw
Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House & Catering  Their food is organic but there is not a lot of raw.  The salads are listed as organic but you'll have to tell them to leave off the cheese and croutons if you want to stay 100% raw and vegan.  Also bring along your own salad dressing. 

Raw but not organic
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
So far as I know these restaurants are not organic but I do know you can ask for an "UN-wich"  and get a submarine on a lettuce leaf instead of bread.  Ask for the veggie with no cheese and you are all raw!


Mostly raw, but not organic
Benson's Vinaigrettes
I did not find a website of their own but this one has the menu on it.'s-Vinaigrettes/ This restaurant has lots of salad style dishes but some of the dressings are not raw.  For example you might get a cole slaw that is, of course, raw cabbage but the dressing is mayonaise.  You can get a very nice green salad and they do have fruit.  The owners of the restaurant are very very nice and friendly.  A great place to go if you want to be with friends who are not raw and still stay a bit raw yourself.

Raw but not organic
Again it's a green salad but pretty tasty.  Ask for the Veggie taco salad without the shell.  As you go down the line of items to choose for toppings just choose all the veggie items.  Ask for a side of guacamole for the dressing. 

Raw but not organic
The Vault Delicatessen
Located in Mason they have a typical deli menu with lots of meats and cheese but will make a veggie for you.

Raw but not organic
Bestsellers Books & Coffee Shop
They have fruit smoothies

RAW and Organic
Red Pepper Deli
116 W. Main Street, Northville, MI 48167
Phone: (248) 773 - 7671

The menu is 100% vegetarian, highlighted by an 80-90% raw food selection. The menu includes salads and sandwiches made-to-order every day with fresh herbs, greens, and homemade dressings with special entrees, soups and desserts that
change daily.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday: 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM