Celestial Pecan Pie


Hands down the best pecan pie ever made

Dorinda Cox
pecans, banana

5 bananas
1 papaya (or mango, or a pint of strawberries, sliced)
1 cup pecans (soaked in water for 1 hour)
1 1/2 cups pecans (don't soak)
6 oz. filtered water 5-10 dates, soaked
1/2 vanilla bean, cut into tiny pieces
1 heaping tbs raw honey(or to taste)dash of Nama Shoyu


1) Soak one cup of pecans in filtered water. Set aside.

2) In a 9-inch glass pie pan, arrange one layer of sliced bananas (2 1/2
bananas should do it). Lay the banana slices in a spiral pattern with one
slice slightly overlapping the other until you have covered the entire pie pan
Also put a layer going up the sides of the pie pan. Next, cut the papaya
into 1/4 inch thin slices and layer the papaya over the banana. Over the
papaya, put another layer of slightly overlapping banana slices. Now with
your hands, compress the fruit down evenly. Set aside.
3) In a blender, put 1 c of soaked (drained) pecans, dates, the water and
vanilla bean & blend to a fine cream. Taste the cream, add more dates,if it
is not sweet enough.
4) Pour the cream over the fruit, dehydrate at 95