Cheezy Crackers

Tastes like it is made with cheese

Pat Lipsey

2 c water   
2 c raw cashews   
1/3 c tahini   
2 tsp sea salt   
1/2 c nutritional yeast   
4 tsp onion powder   
1 tsp garlic powder   
1/2 tsp dill   
1 c colored pepper   
1/2 c lemon juice   
2 c flax seeds, ground to flour

More water as needed to make creamy after you pour it into the bowl


combine all but the flax in a food processor and blend until smooth   
pour into a bowl and add the flax   
stir to mix well
if you use generous measurements you can get 3 trays using 2 cups of batter for each tray
spread on teflex sheets to 1/4 in thick and process at 105 for 8-12 hours  
remove teflex and dry to desired crisp,  score when put on sheets  to ease cutting after it's dry