Chocolate Mint Chia Milk


Yummy chocolate milk


3 T chai seeds (soaked – see directions below)
1/3 c walnut halves (soaked overnight and drained)
2-3 TBSP maple syrup
4 TBSP Hallelujah Acres Raw Carob Powder
4 tsp BarleyMax Mint (or 2 drops Young Living Mint Essential Oil)
1/8 t unrefined sea salt


soak chai seeds in 3-1/2 cups water overnight stirring or shaking a couple of times to prevent clumping
the next morning, pour the chia/water mixture into a blender and add all other ingredients
blend all ingredients together for approximately 1 minute
set aside for a few minutes
spoon off most of the foam that rises to the top
store in the refrigerator as milk (tastes best and creamiest when chilled).
shake well before serving