Alissa Cohen
Living on Live Food

This recipe takes a long time to prepare and is so delicious it is worth every minute


6-8 zucchini, depending on the size       
1/2 c olive oil   
1/4 c apple cider vinegar       
2 TBSP honey   
2 TBSP Braggs           
in a spiral slicer, mandolin, or food processor with the slicing disk, slice the           
zucchini into thin round slices,
soak these in the oil, honey, vinegar and           
braggs for at least 1 hour           

1 C macadamia nuts       
1 c almonds   
1/2 lemon, juiced       
1/4 c orange juice   
1/4 c water           
blend all in food processor until creamy
Marinara Sauce:           
2 1/2 c tomatoes       
12 sun dried tomatoes, soaked   
3 dates, pitted and soaked       
1/4 c olive oil   
4 cl garlic       
2 TBSP parsley   
1/8 tsp cayenne       
1 tsp sea salt   
blend all in a food processor until creamy
Summer Tomato Sauce           
4 tomatoes       
1 1/2 c basil   
1 1/2 cl garlic       
2 TBSP pine nuts   
6 TBSP olive oil       
herbamere seasoning salt   
blend all in a food processor until creamy
Mozzarella Cheese           
1 c macadamia nuts       
1 c cashews   
1 1/2 TBSP lemon juice       
2 TBSP braggs   
1/2 c water           
blend all in a food processor until creamy.  You can dehydrate this cheese           
first and use it in the lasagna for a different and delicious taste but it's not           

I also added spinach and mushrooms marinated in the same sauce as the zucchini


To Assemble:           
1-Drain the zucchini. On the bottom of a lasagna pan, lay one third of the            
zucchini slices flat, just overlapping on another until the entire bottom of            
the pan is covered.           
2-pour the ricotta cheese over the zucchini and spread evenly over the            
entire length of the pan.           
3-on top of the ricotta, place another layer of zucchini same as layer 1           
4- pour the marinara sauce over this and spread evenly over the pan           
5- pour the mozzarella, over the marinara and spread as well as possible           
6-place another layer of zucchini using the rest           
7- pour the summer tomato sauce on top and spread over the whole pan           
8- Place lasagna pan in dehydrator for 18-24 hours           
Can use double the marinara sauce and eliminate the summer sauce           
Add spinach, mushrooms and broccoli as desired