Lemon Blueberry Cheezecake

Creamy fast dessert

Jennifer La Pietra

Crust Ingredients:
1-1/2 c raw pecans
½ c medjool dates

Filling Ingredients:
3 c raw cashews, soaked
¾ c lemon juice (about 2-3 lemons)
¾ c raw agave nectar
¾ c raw coconut oil
1 T vanilla extract
½ t sea salt
(optional) up to ½ cup water as needed to aid in blending

2 c defrosted frozen or fresh blueberries to top


in a food processor or high speed blender, blend crust ingredients
press into the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan, set aside

in the same device, put in all filing inredients
blend until smooth, you may need to drizzle in water if the nuts aren’t blending but too much will make a thin cheesecake batter that won’t hold it’s shape
pour over crust
freeze for 1 hour to set
serve slices with blueberries on top