Live Garden Burger

Eating without Heating

Multipurpose recipe for eating as is for a burger or stuffed, With this recipe you can make nori rolls, cabbage wraps, spread it on
crackers, stuff mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and more

nuts, pate

1 lb of your favorite nuts
1 lb carrots
1 med onion
1 TBS sweetener (honey, very ripe banana, raisins)
1 TBS Oil
1-2 TBS poultry seasoning (or other seasoning)
sea salt to taste


Grind 1 lb of your favorite nuts in a food processor.
Combine the rest of the ingredients and put through a Champion with the blank plate in or grind in
a food processor
If the mixture is not firm enough, add one or more of the following thickeners
dill weed, dried garlic, dried onion, dried parsley flakes, nutritional yeast
psyllium husk powder, or ground flaxseeds. Form into balls, cutlets or
fillets and sprinkle with a little paprika. Note if you want fishburger add
a little seaweed (dulse, kelp, nori) to the mixture