Fermented drink that can be zinged up with beet juice, ginger or lemon

From Sandy Seiler (as dictatated by Hiawatha
fermented foods

1 cup organic soft wheat berries
3 cups of spring or filtered water
a gallon glass container


Wash container well and sterilize with hot water and grapefruit seed extract
Wash the seeds by scrubbing them together to remove any outer residue
anything that floats to the top skim off, rinse well adding a few drops of GSE
Soak seeds for 8-12 hours, drain & rinse, set in low light location to sprout
rinse & drain every 8-12 hours until tails show. Blend slightly with water just
to break up the seed. Place back in clean jar with 3 cups pure water, let
ferment 48 hours, stirring twice a day. If properly done will be tart but not
sour. Pour off liquid and add 2 C more water, fermenting only 24 hours this
time. Still stir 2X a day. Repeat one more time. Rejuvelac should be stored
in the refrigerator. Ideal place for fermenting is a warm, dark setting.
Summer temps generally will be done in 36 hours, winter may be more than
48. Try diff seeds IE millet, oats, rice, barley, buckwheat. Dandelion flower
heads at a rate of 2qts to gal of water. Ferment 4 days. For pink champagne
add beets or beet juice and 1 C honey per gal