Sunflower Seed Cheese


A delicious dip or main dish, fermented food.

Hiawatha Cromer

1 c sunflower seeds soaked overnight   
1 c almonds, soaked overnight at least 8 hours   
1 c sesame seeds, soaked overnight   
1 c pumpkin seeds, soaked overnight   
2 lemons, juiced   
1 onion, diced   
1 red pepper, diced   
3 cl garlic, minced   
1/4 c dry parsley   
3 TBPS dry Italian seasoning   


blend all soaked items together with 4 c or more of water until smooth    
Pour into a bag or cotton towel and let drip for 12 hours   
add remaining ingredients   
shape into a loaf or serve in a glass bowl   
sprinkle with paprika