Sweet Spice Banana Crackers


Sweet crunchy crackers, great for dessert


2 Cuisinart bowls full of bananas, pureed   
2 TBSP cinnamon   
1 TSP nutmeg   
1/4 c agave nectar   
4 c sunflower seeds, organic raw, soaked    
2 c walnuts, organic   
10 c coconut shreds, organic   
1 tsp vanilla extract  


lightly process walnuts in food processor than add to a bowl.   
blend bananas, spices and agave in food processor and add to the bowl   
add remaining ingredients to the bowl and mix to a spreadable consistency   
add water if necessary   
spread thin on teflex sheets, make score marks with a straight edge   
Dehydrate at 125 to start, when surface of crackers are dry, flip them over   
reduce temp to 105-115 and dehydrate until dry   
break into individual crackers