Tawanya’s Onion Bread

Nice variation to RawVolutions onion bread

Tawnya Rowden

Ingredients per tray (10 servings/slices):

1 3” onion peeled, halved and cut into very thin slices
¼ c flax seed meal
¾ c raw sunflower seeds soaked overnight with hulls rinsed off, drained and processed into meal
½ c flax seeds soaked in 1 cup water until saturated (seeds plumped and gelatinous)
add to wet flax:
¼ c braggs aminos or nama shoyu (adjust to taste)
1/6 c oil coconut or olive (adjust to taste)


in large (I use wooden) bowl place onions using fingers to bread apart into individual moons
sprinkle flax seed meal over onions and coat evenly
mix in sunflower and wet flax seed mixture
press into teflex dehydrator sheets, mixture should be thick
dehydrate at 110 for 24 hours
cut into wedge shapes using kitchen shears and flip over teflex sheet onto screen
dehydrate another 12 hours or until dry
may want to remove teflex sheet when slices are dry enough to hold together and finish drying
cool and store in air-tight container
great with mock tuna