Valya's Raw Bread

Valya Boutenko
12 Steps to Raw Food

Chewy raw food bread


1 c ground flax seeds  
1 c kamut sprouted for 1 day 
1 c walnuts soaked overnight  
1 c chopped celery 
2 tsp caraway seeds soaked overnight  
2 TBSP coriander 
1 big onion  
1/2 c water 
1/2 c olive oil  
1/2 c raisins 
juice of half a lemon  
1 tsp salt


blend walnuts, kamut & onion in food processor til finely chopped   
transfer to a bowl and mix with the ground flax seeds   
blend celery, olive oil, raisins and water in a blender   
combine both mixtures, add all the rest of the ingredients   
shape the mixture into small loafs and place on a teflex tray   
place in dehydrator at 105 degrees for about 24-36 hours   
flip the bread after 12-15 hours so both sides dry evenly