Recipe Recipe Description
5 O'clock Inspiration

Tasty mushroom side dish

Alissa Cohen Mayonaise

good ole mayo

Alissa's Dressing

Alissa's own dressing recipe

Alissa's Mayonaise

Really tastes like mayo but it's slightly green from the avocado

Alissa's Waldorf Salad

Walorf with apples, walnuts and raisins with a mayo dressing

Alixandra's Coleslaw

Spicy slaw

Alixandra's Corn Chips

Use as a snack or serve with the Alixandra's Salsa recipe.

Alixandra's Salsa

East to make salsa that goes great with Alixandra's Corn Chips.

Alligator Eggs

Fun to make with children

Almond Banana Smoothie

A simple smoothie mix that works great for a quick breakfast for anytime pick me up.