Recipe Recipe Description
Waldorf Salad

No frills with simple ingredients, fast to put together

Waldorf Sweet Tater Salad

Waldorf with a new twist. Get your vitamin A with pleasure

Waldorf Sweet Tater Salad #2

Waldorf fruit salad with sweet potato

Walnut Basil Pesto

Really fast and delicious pesto

Walnut Hemp Crackers

The walnuts make this cracker taste buttery.

Walnut Loaf

Similar to meat loaf but the raw food version

Walnut Pate

Tasty cracker spread

Walnut Pate

Great pate for crackers or on top of salads or make balls for meat balls

Walnut Pesto Cream with Veggies

like spaghetti with a pesto sauce

Walnut Sunflower Fudge Balls

Cinnamon flavor balls