Recipe Recipe Description
Truly Raw Tabouli

Tabouli with almonds instead of wheat


Cute snack, great for children to help prepare

Un-Chicken Noodle Soup

Does have a strong resemblance to regular chicken noodle

Un-cooked Organic Tart

Oats and fruit confection

UnSpaghetti Salad

Like the spaghetti salad at potlucks but without zucchini noodles rather than pasta noodles

Valya's Raw Bread

Chewy raw food bread

Valya's Sunflower Supreme

An unusual dish with a great flavor

Vegetable Soup

Soup with lots of mixed veggies, very hearty

Vegetable Soup II

A full bodied flavor in a just warm enough soup. 

Veggie Broth Soup

Lots of veggies and warm soup