Recipe Recipe Description
Banana Pudding

Sweet and creamy

Banana Strawberry macadamia nut ice cream

Fantastic strawberry ice cream 

Barbecue Sauce (A.K.A. Chili Sauce)

BBQ or chili sauce to use in Mexican recipes or to top the meat loaf

Barley Confetti Salad

Very colorful salad, a little chewy

Barley Tabouli

Variation of the bulger wheat tabouli

Basic Brine

the brine to use for fermented recipes

Basic Cole Slaw

The basic sweet and sour slaw

Basic Pate

a mild basic pate to use by itself or as a base for other flavors

Basic Seed Cheese

a nice basic seed cheese with a great taste of it's own, add the spices you like to jazz it up or use with crackers
see Greek Style Seed cheese for added flavors

Basil Pesto Cream Sauce

Pesto with a creamy touch